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Physical Therapy



In thermotherapy, the reactions of the blood vessels to different ambient or tissue temperatures are used therapeutically. Thus, heat application leads to vasodilatation and an increase in blood flow and cold application leads to vasoconstriction and a reduction in blood flow.

Thermotherapy can be used for almost any functional disorder of the musculoskeletal system, such as acute trauma, loss of movement due to tension, arthrosis or central nervous disorders, such as a slipped disc or laminitis. 

  • Heat Therapy
  • Cryotherapy (cold therapy)


Electricity is used to apply stimuli to the skin via electrodes. Depending on the frequency range, the voltages can penetrate the body to different depths, even to the bones. These current stimuli flow through the body and stimulate muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. The effects are endorphin release, inhibition of pain transmission, activation of muscle fibres and circulation stimulation.
    EMS/Tens: This alternating current device works with light current surges on the medium frequency. TENS stands for "transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation" and works with frequencies between 2 - 10 Hz and 80 - 120 Hz and is used for pain therapy and nerve stimulation. In addition to muscle tension and pain, paralysis is a reason for using Tens. The stimuli activate the deteriorating muscles in damaged nerves. EMS stands for "electrical muscle stimulation" and works in the frequency range of 45 to 65 Hz. It is mainly used for muscle stimulation and to promote blood circulation.

Ultrasound Therapy

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
    This form of electrotherapy releases stimuli by means of mechanical vibrations from the high-frequency range of at least 20 KHz. These are sound waves that generate pressure waves and penetrate deep into the body. This sonication can be used either permanently or in pulses. A high penetration depth is achieved with the lower frequencies and a lower penetration depth with the high frequencies. These pressure waves produce constant compression and expansion and are comparable to a strong massage. The effect of therapeutic ultrasound ranges from improved metabolic exchange and promotion, (strong!) thermal effect, to loosening of adhesions and scarring, with which even old and deep-seated injuries can be retreated. It is used for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, degenerative and chronic diseases, fractures, bursitis and galls. 


  • Grünlicht-Hormesis

    Cold light of the wavelength 500-570 nanometres, which is perceived as green by the human eye, is attributed with stimulating and activating fibrocytes (connective tissue cells) and thus has a connective tissue regulating effect.

    The great advantage of green light hormesis therapy: it is particularly gentle and cannot be overdosed due to its regulating effect.

    This form of light therapy is a good supportive measure in the treatment of scars, skin cell degenerations (such as Caro luxurians and warts), inflammations of the skin, muscle and periosteum and connective tissue weaknesses. 

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